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Gold Booth Template

Meeting Lounge

Add your meeting room link (Zoom, etc) below.  When people click, they will join your room with a meeting in progress.

Meeting Lounge

Use this page to direct attendees into your meeting lounge that is a live video meeting (like Zoom) in progress.

The conferencing technology can alert you when someone joins and you should make sure there is something interesting for them to see such as a panel discussion, product demo, or your members of your corporate team on hand to answer questions.

Edit this page

  • Use this image or click to replace it with another image. 
  • Add the link to your Zoom or video conferencing room by clicking the image and adding the meeting room link.. 
  • When the attendee clicks the image, they will go immediately into the room.


Make sure to post the hours this room will be open and what the attendee will experience when they join!